Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wake Park World Championships 2010 @ Hip-Notics, Antalya

So i got on a plane last sunday together with my dutch buddy Jan Kerkhoven we got on our flight from Dusseldorf to Ankara. After a 3 hour flight we had to transfer in Ankara to go to Antalya.

As soon as we arrived we met Mona and Samuel from Germany who arrived at the same time as us. As we got our pick up to the cable which was an hour we met all the other riders who were there. Me and Jan share a bungalow at the lake with Nicola Butler, good friend of mine from the states, and also a sick rider. She rides mostly boat but she's rocking it at the cable as well!

After a goodnight sleep we woke up as early as we can .. uhum.. not. so yeah had some breakfast, and hit the water. The cable looks sick as always, the obstacles are awesome. It has two kickers, funbox and box on the ouside, flat bar inside and kink rail and ofcourse not to forget the huge B frame! With this set up you can choose which obstacles to hit but still make a sick run.

As we rode all day had some lunch and registered for the comp we were pretty tired at the end of the day. After dinner we played a nice game of poker and had couple of drinks. Had our riders meeting and a good night sleep afterwards.

Then again as we woke up on tuesday a bit of free riding followed by the official opening straight in to the first qualifications of the event; mini boys, girls, boys, amateurs women, amateur obstacles only and the wakeskaters. I also signed up for the womens wakeskate division not that i'm really good but i guess they needed some girls to ride it for the category and i actually like to ride a wakeskate its pretty fun. We had two heats of 3. I became second in my heat by doing some ollie's and 180's and hitting the box and the funbox, also landed the shuv it. Very stoked after that run. :)

After all those qualifications it was already time to have dinner again and play a game of poker! I still didnt win in these two days, hopefully i will though hahaha..

Today was the day of qualifications of the Junior Men, Masters, Pro wakeskate, Pro Women and Pro Obstacles only. Very high level of riding in all those divisions. In Junior Mens, we had our dutch buddy's Michael and Davey both making it in to the semi finals! In Masters category Jan took 4th place, but still going to semi's as well.

As for the womens category, we had 3 heats of 3 riders so 9 in total. First heat was the hardest heat i guess with Nicola (ENG), Denise (NED) and Ange (AUS) which made them go all out. Nicola landed a clean run just B frame a bit sketchy but still made it up with her sick moby dick of the kicker and some nice rail hits. Denise had a bit of a sketchy run as well on her airtricks but still made it well with her blind judge and finishing her run without crashing! Unlucky Angelika fell twice on a blind judge. Top 2 advance to semi's on friday. It was nicola 1st, Denise 2nd, Ange unlucky not making it into the semi's.

2nd heat was Mona (GER), Sophia (GER) and a girl from slovakia. It was obviouse that Sophia and Mona were gonna make it trough to the semi's and they did after their runs. Mona being super stylish on the obstacles and put her on 2nd place and sophia with her airtricks put her on 1st place.

As for my heat, i was together in a heat with Cosima (GER) and Caroline (SWE). First rider was the swedish girl Caro, she did a tanny to blind of the inside kicker and a hs fs 540 of the outside kicker plus had some good rail tricks but missed it out on her airtricks and fell on a roll to revert. Unlucky Cosima started of her run really good by doing some high airtricks, but unlucky fell on her roll 2 blind. I was the last rider of the dock in the pro women category and started of the dock with a whirly then hit the lower part of the funbox with a tailpress to bs 180, backroll, S bend, sw roll 2 revert, then a huge gab on the B fram that suprised me definetaly stoked with that one followed by a blind judge, crowmobe of the outside kicker and ended with a bit sketchy transfer on the funbox. I fisnished on 1st place with that run and Cosima on 2nd place.

For friday riding order semi's pro womens will be 2 heats of 3. It will be me, Denise and Mona in one heat. Nicola, Cosima and Sophia in the other heat. See how that works out.

Now, we have a bit of freeriding and a good dinner afterwards. Also we have some night riding tonight! Maybe some poker again. Tomorrow i dont have to ride so perhaps a little party tonight?

Pro Mens qualifications will start tomorrow, very intense the best riders in the World are

competing here at beautiful hip-notics for the titel of the Wake Park champion of 2010!!

Tomorrow we also will have the most important competition of the week hahaha which is the official poker tournament!!! That will be loads of fun!

Keep you guys posted.



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