Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 days went by fast here at beautiful Hip-Notics!!

So yeh already been here for 8 days! Its going pretty fast but at the same time it doesn't.. You ever had that feeling? That you have a great time and you dont want it to end. I saw people come and go already. And I'm here for a month which is amazing cause i get to ride everyday. I've been waiting for this month since last november. :) Now its on, riding is good already learned a ts roll to fakie of the kicker on the inside! And a normal roll to revert. Which was my first airtrick ever, but just didnt do it since 4 years.. hmm yeah so thats great!! :D
Now, i wanna get all my tricks consistant. Been doing roll2blinds, s2blinds, blind judges and my mobe's again! Getting back in shape and even started my work out for a couple days. And finally losing my winter fat. .

There are still only germans here. Its alright we all know them, Frederic von Osten, Rene Konrad, Nick Lewis and even some crazy good wakeskaters.
Its good to see them riding to cause it inspires me, like freddy who landed a switch whirlydick of the kicker on the inside. ITS INSANE!!! But it motivates me to learn even more tricks! And I will keep practising so that i'm ready for the season! For now, i'm sure it'll work out!

Coming up more soon!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

One month @ Hip-Notics Antalya, Turkey!

So me and my buddy Sjors just arrived 3 days ago in beautiful Antalya at Cable Park Hip-Notics!
Since we're here its been sunny and about 21 degrees celcius. Cable is tight and there are even some friends from Germany to hang out with. Had some very intense sessions on the water these last days. My body is getting used to being on the water again. Very sore muscles but hopefully will be better in the next days...

Gonna be here for a month so will practise a couple tricks and prepare well for the season! Hopefully will land my switch backmobe again and ofcourse my double s bend. Any new tricks i'd like to learn are: Front2blind, Raley360, Bell air. Kicker: Ts roll2blind, switch fs720, bs 540, whirly5.
Yup thats about it for now. Will keep updating so stay tuned!


Monday, March 1, 2010

New contract RIXEN

Finally got the contract with Rixen Cableways. Very excited about this deal! Its a great way to start off the season with some new sponsors. Also got SEAT lately so very happy about all this.

Looking forward to work with Rixen and to be a part of the Rixen team!!

First Competition of 2010!! Wake the Pool 2010!

Kinda late update but Feb 19/20 was the first Wakeboard event of 2010!!
It was held in Leipzig, Germany. A pool with a sesitec system by Rixen, Obstixx put in a Funbox and a kicker!! The setup was great! The crowd was awesome, over 80 riders registerd and definetely a great way to start the Season!

I was there with my dutch buddy's Jan, Sjors and Daan. We drove there by car. Only 5 hours from Enschede which was not too long. When we arrived we met everyone again! Always great to see all the riders again after a couple months! We all had a good training. As the competition started we had to do our best to get in the finals! Unlucky Sjors, Jan and Daan fell down in the qualifications, and had to do LCQ. At the womens it was me and Denise that took first place in both heats in the qualifications.
The boys didnt make it into the finals. They did have a sick funbox hit but unlucky fell on the kicker.
As in for me i fell twice in the Finals by doing a whirly bird! It was unlucky.. i landed it several times before and after the finals. After a good final it was Sophie Cordery who took first in the womens division!

It was a great event well good organised but i def cant wait for the next comp.
Update soon!