Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Delay of blog

Hi all,

Yeah so i haven't had a laptop for a while because mine broke. Since a day i have a new laptop and so i can keep u all posted with my blogs.

There were some cool things going on in the last 3 weeks. Ofcourse i have to talk about the 2nd stop of the WWA the Protest Cable Call which was held in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands on the 14th and 15th of August.
It was a great event, very well organised!
Lots of good riders from all over the world came to join us here in Holland! The level of riding was insane! There was a lot of prize money for this event so only the best of the best took the money home! So it was the unbelievable Tom Fooshee who took 1st place in Pro Mens division and won $7000, with a pete rose 540 off the kicker he showed he was best in his final! Followed by Nick Davies on 2nd place and Felix Georgii on 3rd.

Then out of 16 Pro womens competing there were only 4 in the final. After my 100 point in quali's and semi's that saturday before i kinda messed it up by doing a pretty safe run in finals and got my ass kicked by Sophia Reimers who definately deserved to be on 1st spot with her blind judge and a switch mobe! So after finals it was Sophia first, me on 2nd and Denise on 3rd.

After the Cable Call i had a two days photo and video shoot with all the Jobe Teamriders. CK, Chloe, Declan, Michael, Sjors, Richy and Will. The weather was shitty but i'm sure we took some good shots for the new catalogue of 2011. The next years collection will be sick and very colourfull. some great products. Not to forget about the new design of the J star Max board and the Max vest!! Some of you might have seen it at the Cable Call.

Next event was the T mobile Playgrounds which was not for womens so i can't really tell you guys anything about that event. But what i can tell you is that there was a small competition at the same weekend here in holland at burnside cable park in Emst!
Its called de Bok; which is basically a competition just for fun. Its really just a day to be crazy and ride because we all have the same love for wakeboarding. The theme of the day was heaven and hell so we all had to dress up. I dont really like to dress up but there were plenty of people who did like that.
Anyway, so i came along that day together with my buddy Tom van de Kerkhof and we came a little late. Actually the competition already started but we asked 'can we still compete?' Yeah sure why not. So there we went. Uhu both in finals and i had the biggest score after two runs and had to start at last in finals. I landed a huge S to blind followed by a switch mobius and a clean whirly 540 of the kicker!!! That was basically the best run so far i had in a comp. Even tho this was not an official competion i was still stoked to land this. After finals i hurt my shoulder again. I have this small injury its irritating me since cable call but i manage to ride with it, and lucky i have a fysiotherapist now so its gonna be fine. At the end of the day i finished first in womens category! And Dirk Gideonse another buddy of mine won the Mens division! A great day and loads of fun people to hang out with! Definately going next year, again!

The next competition will be this weekend. Which will be the Official Dutch National Championships! Its gonna be the biggest organised nationals we ever had in Cable Wakeboarding. It will be held in Nieuwegein at Down Under, same cable park were the Cable call was. There are already 96 riders registered so i guess its gonna be a great succes this weekend.
Hopefully we will see some new tricks of our dutch riders. Will let you know more about it after this weekend!

Some more competitions coming up in the next few weeks: dutch nationals, official European championships in Izmit, Turkey. World Trophy also held in Izmit. Ofcourse the Wake Park Worldchampionships in Antalya, Turkey at beautiful Hip-notics. And last WWA Stop at CWC, Philippines. So keep you guys posted! :)

Update soon!


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