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Friday, September 17, 2010

Europeans Championships & World Trophy 2010 Izmit, Turkey!!!

After last weekends great Nationals i left from my hometown to Schiphol Airport last tuesday. When i arrived the whole dutch team was there and we were ready to get on our flight to Istanbul and from there by bus to Izmit to compete at the European Championships 2010 and ofcourse the World Trophy! This year we have a really good team and a new teammember Sam de Haan got second at our nationals in the boys division. So we have Sanne in the girls division. Sam in the boys division. Joelle in the Junior ladies division.Nick, Michael, Yves and Rocco in the Junior Men division. Our coach Rens Cosijn participating in Masters category. Me and Denise in the Open Ladies category. And ofcourse Dirk, Martijn And Mike Ketellapper in the Pro Men division. All of us together there might be even a change to win the golden medail for our country!! Would be pretty sick.

So after a little bit of delay on our flight we arrived in the evening on tuesday in Istanbul.
We got our bags and got on a bus towards Izmit. Once we were there checked in at the hotel got changed and had our first Turkish dinner in the Hotel.

Next morning on wednesday we got up pretty early to have breakfast and went to the cable to have our team training. All of us rode really good, tried some good runs and we obviously had some flat water which was perfect. Rest of the day the water was kind of choppy because it was free practise for everyone. All with all we had a wonderful day of riding and getting to know Izmit a little bit better.

Yesterday as we woke up it was gonna be the day of the official training, the official opening ceremonie and of course our first qualifications! As we had our good training and and opening representing HOLLAND!!! it was time for our first qualifications. Me and Denise both rode pretty good, Denise a bit better then me. I was on 1st place after my first run, but for long because when Denise and Kirsteen did their run i was placed on 3rd place. My second run i fell with my sw mobe. Unlucky, i know i can do it and it worked all day. Anyway, Denise was still on first after her 2nd run but we were all trough to the finals of tomorrow anyway, all 7 open ladies of us.

Today was the day of some finals; Girls, Boys and Masters. So we already have one gold medail cause Rens won the Masters division and a thirth place from Sanne in the Girls division. and unlucky Sam became 4th. Also we had qualifications wakeskate divisions and ofcourse the junior men and the pro men! Rocco was placed 1st in his heat. Nick unlucky became 3rd and has to ride his LCQ tomorrow same as for Yves and Michael. As for Mike he was qualified 2nd in his heat. All of the heats in the Pro Men catergory were super difficult. Its normal to have a 315 in your run and mobe 5's. The level of riding is incredible.. The other pro men of our team didnt make it trough to the finals so Dirk and Martijn have to ride the Lcq's tomorrow!

I'm very excited for tomorrow. This has been a great event so far. Perfect weather, good obstacles. Sick riding. The cable is 12 meters high! So you can emagine how high all the riders can fly ;)

Hopefully the weather will be amazing tomorrow! Before i forget to write it down here in my blog, please check for all the information about the event this weekend including results, timetable etc.

They will also start with the livestreaming from tomorrow at noon so 12 oclock live streaming!
Hope you will all follow us online! Finals of Europeans tomorrow! Stay tuned, they will also start of with some qualifications of the World Trophy in the afternoon tomorrow!

Keep you guys posted.

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