Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Coaching in Turkey at Hip-Notics

Hi all,

It's been a while since the last time I updated my blogspot. I'm already back at home for 10 days now.. But on the 29th of April untill the 11th of May i stayed at hip-Notics to do some coaching with a bunch of russian people. Before i have never really met a lot of russian people in my life, i have to say, they are really a lot of fun to hang out with ;)

Anyway, coaching was great. Ofcourse i had Cianne by my side who helped a lot of people too!Everyone was really stoked to learn new tricks. No Fears, just go! And so on and on a lot of people fell but eventually some of them learned some new kicker tricks and even some airtricks! These 12 days i've been there was def good fun to start the season with. I wanna thank all you guys who were there those days for the clinic!! I had a blast. Soon we might even catch up again.
I almost forgot to say, check out the video that was taken by Vera ( And you'll see how great the clinic was!!

Thanks you guys soon will be updated for the next competition which will be in JUNE.


Check out Max and Sjors at Hip-Notics Cable Park March 2010!