Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dutch Nationals 2010

Last weekend we had our Nationals of 2010!!! Located at Down Under Cableway.

It was a great succes, there were about 92 riders registered. Some good brands that were sponsoring the event including Jobe sports one of my sponsors that gave away great prizes for the riders who made it to the podium.
We had all divisions from mini girls, till Masters. Good to see that even the smallest kids shred it on the water and it doesnt matter how old you get you still can rock the water hard, thats what we saw in the masters division.

We even had Wakeskate categories. Which i competed too. I think we had our Pro womens of 7 riders and all of us also competed in Wakeskate. Hilarious to see us all doing things on a wakeskate. After a great party on saturday night we had finals on sunday!

See results below;

Open Men Final
1 Mike Ketellapper 77.67 NED
2 Sjors Van de Kerkhof 74.67 NED
3 Dirk Gideonse 64.00 NED

Open Ladies Final

1 Maxine Sapulette 69.33 NED
2 Denise de Haan 67.67 NED
3 esther van der linden 43.67 NED

Girls Ladies Final

1 Sanne Meijer 73.67 NED
2 lindy vastenburg 45.33 NED
3 marieke van de weg 35.33 NED

Boys Men Final

1 Devi Sentrop 69.33 NED
2 Sam de Haan 68.33 NED
3 Daniel Rutten 56.67 NED

Junior Ladies Final

1 Joelle Feenstra 64.33 NED
2 Veerle Meijer 45.33 NED
3 Tess Bouwman 32.33 NED

Junior Men Final

1 Nick Hunting 70.67 NED
2 Yves Van der Hoff 67.33 NED
3 Antoni Wekken 59.33 NED

Masters Men Final

1 Rens Cosijn 79.67 NED
2 Jan Kerkhoven 70.33 NED
3 Ortwin Cyrus 54.67 NED

Mini Ladies Final

1 Wendy Luger 87.67 NED
2 Jane van Amerongen 63.33 NED
3 Anna Sofia de Koning 54.67 NED

Mini Men Final

1 Louca Jansen 91.00 NED
2 Age Methorst 53.33 NED
3 Milo McCafferty 48.33 NED

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