Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Europeans & World Trophy 2010 Izmit!

I've been home since tuesday night. But i definately had a sick week in Izmit at the IWWF European Championships and World Trophy 2010!!

Finals were intense such as Euro's and World Trophy. I had to start 4th in finals at Europeans and after my first run i was standing on first place. I had to start last as soon as Kirsteen Mitchell started of for her second run, i landed in to 2nd place. So with my second run it was all or nothing. Show the people what i got. Unlucky i fell on a S to blind and had to be happy with a second place! Denise took 3rd place. As for our team of The netherlands, we took 3rd place with our country. Which was pretty cool! And we were very happy with our results.

So, the World Trophy was even more intense than the Europeans. As it was all about the Cash money everyone went all out in their runs, showed the sickest tricks!! In Pro mens finals it was really really close. As for Mike who took the European titel. Had to be happy with a second run. Sick Nick davies who didn't come on the podium at europeans took the first place at the world trophy that gave him $10.000 plus ofcourse the overall with another 5 grand. He even landed a raley fs 720 after the comp. Shows that he is an amazing rider!

As for us ladies, the level of riding is getting more difficult every year. Sophia Mari Reimers descided to ride with Open Ladies instead of the Juniors. I mean ofcourse, cause in Open Ladies first place was $ 5.000 which is a lot prize money for womens. Anyway, we were 11 riders in total. with 6 in the finals on sunday. After my first run i did not end very high, because i lost the handle on the inside box, which was soo stupid. And everyone else did a clean and safe run. Except for Sophia who crashed in her first run and started first of the dock in the second run which put her immediately in first with her front 2 blind, sw mobe and a blind judge. And after all those 2nd runs i was in 6th position as i started of the dock with my run, did a blind judge, roll 2 blind, s to blind, sw roll2r, sw krypt and sick obstacles plus a whirly. I thought it was enough for first place, i was soo stoked after my run. It was definately one of my best runs.

After that run we waited for our score to come trough. It was still not enough to beat Sophia.

Even though i really thought it was.. i was really dissapointed. It was good afterall i won the overall ranking and i took some cash home! Happy afterall, and definatley will be competing next year!

Tomorrow i will leave to Antalya for the Wake Park Worldchampionships 2010. This will be the sickest event, that we have all been waiting for!! Will keep you guys posted.

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