Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Check out the new Jobe & Jstar Max Series 2011!

This is the new flyer for my new pro series of 2011!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wake Park World Championships 2010

Been home since last sunday, just forgot to inform you guys more about the event at hip-notics cable in Antalya for the Wake Park World championships 2010!

So, after my qualifications there was a little party in the evening and us ladies didnt have to ride the next day. Whats happened to me after qualifications, while walking of a step at the bungalows i missed the step and went trough my ankle. I hurted like hell fell pretty hard but thought it would be okay, well guess not cause when i woke up the next day it was so swollen and fat and couldnt walk on it. That thursday i was happy that i didnt have to ride my semis yet. But i did have to ride my wakeskate final, decided to spare my body and let it rest for semi's on friday. And so i did and became 6th place in wakeskate and still won 3 days of free accommodation at hipnotics haha very funny!!

After chillin and a lot of rest i put ice on my ankle like 5 times that day just to make sure it would be a bit better in the morning before semi's. We had a poker tournament in the evening on thursday. There were about 25 people. 10 euro buy in. 1st place get 60% which was 140 euro, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 10 %. After a lot of playing before i knew i was at the final table. Was chip leader but at the end took the 3rd place and Dean 2nd and Robbie 1st. Very stoked made it that far in the tournament! Was definately a good game of poker!

With a good night sleep. I woke up the next day and could walk properly which was a good sign. My ankle wasnt that swollen anymore. I let the medical team put some bandage on it and iced it a bit more. Then it was time for my Semi finals. 1st heat nicola, cosima and sophia. it was all very close, but sophia fell in her run and both nicola and cosima didnt so cosima took 1st place and went trough to the next round with nicola! In my heat it was me, mona and denise. Unlucky denise fell in her run and i fell in my run as well cause i couldnt take the landing on my blind judge. At the end denise 's run wasnt good enough to make it to the next round.

It was a different and very interessting final this year. Mona Stenzel, Nicola Butler, Cosima Giemza and Myself. Normally you would see Sophia with her strong airtricks in the finals as well, same as for Denise who has great compesition also should be in the final. It was too bad for them and very dissapointing i guess.

Anyway, after semi's we had the turkish night on friday, lots of turkish music and dancers, even belly dancers and Daniel Fetz took great part in it as well haha. That was a good night and we all just had some fun.

Saturday was the day of the finals. Pro Mens final was very very intense we saw the head to head systems. It was dominik vs freddy, nick vs keith, marc vs james and tom vs aye.

Dominik placed for the top 4 final same as keith, james and tom fooshee.
That was a sick final so then it was dominik vs keith and james vs tom.
Then out of those riders it was dominik vs tom super final! Unlucky dominik fell in his run but showed us a hugeee ts bs 1080as his wildcard trick and gave him loads of respects. After his run tho Tom knew he shouldnt take any risks. so became 1st afterall, dominik 2nd and James 3rd.

As for my final! I was the last of the dock. It was nice for me because i can watch the other girls and then decide what i was gonna do. All three girls had some sick tricks blind judges, roll 2 blinds and even moby dick of the kicker. It was insane. I still had a injury not only my ankle now, but also my shoulder was still sore. At the end after my run i thought it would be enough to take out the titel. And it was! I was so stoked and happy because this was the event i've been waiting for all year! i already lost my IWWF titels and so im still very happy to be a world champ but of the wwa! OH yeah. This was a great ending for me for this season. To celebrate our titels we had the white sensation party at the cable!!

This was the last event for me this year. I will have to take a rest for at least 3 months now. So i will go to the gym twice a week and try to keep in shape while my body can get stronger again!

Keep you guys updated with any other activities i will do this year!
Thanks for following me, really appreciate it!