Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One month @ Hip-Notics Antalya, Turkey!

So me and my buddy Sjors just arrived 3 days ago in beautiful Antalya at Cable Park Hip-Notics!
Since we're here its been sunny and about 21 degrees celcius. Cable is tight and there are even some friends from Germany to hang out with. Had some very intense sessions on the water these last days. My body is getting used to being on the water again. Very sore muscles but hopefully will be better in the next days...

Gonna be here for a month so will practise a couple tricks and prepare well for the season! Hopefully will land my switch backmobe again and ofcourse my double s bend. Any new tricks i'd like to learn are: Front2blind, Raley360, Bell air. Kicker: Ts roll2blind, switch fs720, bs 540, whirly5.
Yup thats about it for now. Will keep updating so stay tuned!


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