Maxine Sapulette & Sjors van de Kerkhof in Antalya 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 days went by fast here at beautiful Hip-Notics!!

So yeh already been here for 8 days! Its going pretty fast but at the same time it doesn't.. You ever had that feeling? That you have a great time and you dont want it to end. I saw people come and go already. And I'm here for a month which is amazing cause i get to ride everyday. I've been waiting for this month since last november. :) Now its on, riding is good already learned a ts roll to fakie of the kicker on the inside! And a normal roll to revert. Which was my first airtrick ever, but just didnt do it since 4 years.. hmm yeah so thats great!! :D
Now, i wanna get all my tricks consistant. Been doing roll2blinds, s2blinds, blind judges and my mobe's again! Getting back in shape and even started my work out for a couple days. And finally losing my winter fat. .

There are still only germans here. Its alright we all know them, Frederic von Osten, Rene Konrad, Nick Lewis and even some crazy good wakeskaters.
Its good to see them riding to cause it inspires me, like freddy who landed a switch whirlydick of the kicker on the inside. ITS INSANE!!! But it motivates me to learn even more tricks! And I will keep practising so that i'm ready for the season! For now, i'm sure it'll work out!

Coming up more soon!


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