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Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Championships 2010 Neubrandenburg, Germany

The official Worldchampionships 2010 were held in Neubrandenburg, Germany from the 14th till the 18th of July. There were over 15 nations from all over the world and over 150 riders competing. After the official opening ceremony it was time to start the competition. It was clear that all the riders have learned so many more tricks since the last worldchampionships in 2008 in Anapa, Russia.

After a good practise it was clear that i had my two pretty difficult runs safe. As qualifications started with 12 Open Ladies seperated in two heats, it was time for us to shine. I had to start last and began my run as i fell on my roll to blind. Only three in each heat were gonna advance straight trough the finals. After my crash in the first run i did a safe run the second time. I got placed 2nd place behind Kirsteen Mitchell (UK). And put me straight trough the finals on sunday the 18th.

Finals on sunday were very very intense. Not only did i have to defend my titel, there was so much pressure on me because all the Women in our division have improved themselves so much since 2 years that it was all or nothing. And so i did. I thought why do a safe run and get 2nd or 3rd place. Thats not what i wanted. It was clear that everybody was going for it and wanted to get that spot on the podium. I tried both runs i practised but couldnt show everything i have. I fell twice first with a roll to blind and second run when i thought i was going the right way with my s to blind i fell on a blind judge. Very unlucky and dissapointed i ended on 7th place. It was Kirsteen Mitchell (UK)who took the titel followed by Lauren Ormsby (AUS) on 2nd place and Angelika Schriber (AUS) on 3rd.

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